Neal and Elisha Homestead Update #4: July to October 2016

We’ve been making steady progress on the land these past few months! In the last update, the foundation trenches for 3 circles were dug and ready to be filled with gravel. Unfortunately, July had heavy rainstorms – TONS of them – which caused our trenches to cave in before they could be filled.  Yet another lesson learned for us homesteading […]

Bunyip Water Level: Measure Contour Lines & Swales

To have professional surveyors map our contour lines was going to cost thousands of dollars and many we spoke to outright refused because of the number of trees and acreage. The estimates we did receive were not frequent in elevational increments – one even came in at “every 60 feet!” So we ended up hiring a company only for […]

The Best States For An Off-The-Grid Homestead

$5,200 for 5 acres of land. It was the best value we could find and the site of our future off-the-grid homestead, snatched up in October of 2015. Discovering the deal was the result of years worth of effort. Now we’d like to pass along the skills, tools, and tricks learned along the way – may it serve you well! The […]