Neal and Elisha Homestead Update #4: July to October 2016

We’ve been making steady progress on the land these past few months! In the last update, the foundation trenches for 3 circles were dug and ready to be filled with gravel. Unfortunately, July had heavy rainstorms – TONS of them – which caused our trenches to cave in before they could be filled.  Yet another lesson learned for us homesteading […]

Neal and Elisha Homestead Update #3: June 2016

June was full of some amazing progress, as well as a difficult setback. Some of the exciting news is that the Permaculture Research Institute republished two of Neal’s blogs! He’ll now be contributing work directly to their organization, check out for some great knowledge. Also, we found out today that one of his articles was featured by one of […]

Neal and Elisha Homestead Update #2: May 2016

  May was a busy and exciting month for us! We finished up some projects and sited where the home will be built. Neal’s brother stayed with us for a full week to lend a hand and we couldn’t of accomplished what we did without him. So, a BIG shout out and thank you to […]