September 2017 • Update #8 • Half Way Up The Earthbag Tiny House!

We’re halfway up the earthbag tiny house! The charity of our friends and family continues to drive the process forward. Gary and Jim (our neighbors) have been stopping by frequently to volunteer their time. Gary’s got earthbag building down now – he’s just as fast as we are! Tennessee and Collin (Neal’s sister and her […]

Interview by Girl vs Grid

Our good friends over at Girl vs Grid have published an interview about our journey so far! We hope you enjoy it. While you’re there, please take a minute to sign up for the newsletter; they have wonderful content on sustainability and some delicious recipes! [Interview] Building an Earthbag home with Lake of the Ozarks Permaculture Full […]

Neal and Elisha Homestead Update #1: April 2016

We did it! We finally made our move to Missouri. I wanted to provide an update so our friends and family back home can keep tabs on us : ) but also to be transparent for those interested in learning from our experience. A common curiosity we encounter is the logistics of what we’re doing, mainly […]

Top 10 Green Building Techniques for Affordable Housing and Sustainability

The traditional timber “stick house” in America is one of the most significant investments we can make. If sustainability is your goal, there are much more affordable housing options to explore before you build your own house. Homes that not only shelter us, but provide for our basic needs or at least circumvent the rent/mortgage trap. People have been […]

DIY Projects – Miniature Earthship Model

My favorite parts about playing Warhammer® as a child were the DIY projects, and none more so than building model terrain pieces. Miniature elves and goblins would maneuver around trees, hills, and ruins for tactical advantage. Recently I decided to apply what I remembered to build a natural house ( earthship ) model. It’s been a really fun […]